Its About You - Its About Our Community

We believe that community leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  You are the people in senior roles; you are frontline workers, you are the volunteers.  You are the ones who support us with our health, our wellbeing,  our learning, our sport, our hobbies, our finances, our daily living needs and our social connection. You are the ones who care for the animals, and you are the ones who show us how to respect our natural environment.

We know how important you and your organisations are. Your leadership skills help to increase our community's prosperity and each individuals wellbeing.

We want to work with you, our community's current and emerging leaders and support you to achieve your goals.

We are preparing to assist you

We have a passion for, and 25 years of experience in the community sector. We are based in Mackay, Queensland and would love to hear from you if you have any questions on how we can assist you.